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Reconverse Rocks

Posted on August 24, 2012

Reconverse rocks.  It’s fab and it’s a must-attend in my diary, one of the few events I would move mountains to attend.

Now I appreciate it’s a big claim to make, but allow me to tell you why I make it.

For those who don’t know Reconverse = “recruitment and conversations” and is a boutique networking event.  In the briefest of nutshells, the aim of Reconverse can be described as ”to bring together in-house recruiters, HR people and resourcing teams to instigate intelligent conversation.”  But Reconverse explain it so much better than me and I urge you to read their explanation for more detail.

Reconverse has made a huge difference to both my career and my performance as an in-house recruiter.  Without Reconverse, I wouldn’t have met the key people who have helped me during my time as a recruiter.  Seriously.  I’ve met on-line mentors, recruitment thought leaders and a fantastic network of contacts.

I’m a newbie to recruitment, in terms of only having worked purely in the function for 18 months, with my prior experience being a part of my role but not my whole role.  And having started agency side, I’ve only been internal for almost 6 months.  However, thanks to the things I’ve learnt at Reconverse events and the people I’ve met, I’ve achieved a lot I’m proud of.

As a bonus I’ve also met some great suppliers, some of whom I’m hoping to work with either soon or in the future.

And credit where credit is due, Jamie Leonard – (Director, Event Host & general Social Networking Supremo) runs a damn good event.  Smooth and slick, yet authentic, engaging and accessible.  And the accessibility of Reconverse is another aspect of why it’s so good.  The live twitter feed, and the encouragement by the event for delegates to also tweet, post or otherwise enable others who are not physically present to engage also, often result in a great debate!  The theme of each event, run monthly, is always different and yet relevant and timely, in truth there’s rarely a theme I see and think isn’t for me.

Reconverse also prompts me to think, as well as introducing me to new ideas and enabling me to learn best practise from a range of peers in a wide variety of industries and sectors.  A new blog post is currently bubbling away, surrounding Reconverse’s last event on the Employer Value Proposition.

So the reason for this post.  Well it’s Friday.  And having just sat through a sprint retrospective, it’s got me thinking about this past month and the successes.  Reconverse is always a successful trip for me.  And so I feel, as Fatboy Slim would say, “I need to praise you like I should.”

Reconverse – please keep rocking the way you have so far!***

(And if you don’t want to take my word for it, maybe you should see what these lovely people have got to say!)

2013 Events Schedule here:


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