The video

The key to Silverline is the API connection. Through this Silverline can take data from any number of sources and turn it into real-time information.

This information can then be mapped and manipulated in any number of intelligent ways and tied together to show the relationships between your key metrics. You can then build bespoke hierarchies of users, managers and directors to view your data and a simple but flexible permission system means only the right people see the right data at the right time.

What data will you want to report on?

We can turn any data into cutting edge sales performance information that will help you keep track of anything from a handful to hundreds of KPIs.  You may for example want to track things like:

  • CVs sent
  • Calls made
  • Time on calls
  • Interviews booked
  • Meetings
  • Offers
  • Margin
  • Pipeline
  • Profitability

Talk to us about the data you want to map…

During the fully managed set up process we will talk to you about the KPIs you would like to measure and we can build this into your own tailored system.


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