What is TribePad?

Next Generation Recruiting

TribePad is an award winning next generation recruitment platform that gives your organisation the most powerful tool in the market to manage your own recruitment processes from beginning to end and recruit the best talent for your organisation. Whether you are looking to attract high volume low level roles or highly skilled niche roles TribePad enables you to publish jobs online, search for candidates, process applications and engage with future talent all in one place.

TribePad is intelligent and matches candidates to jobs and jobs to candidates in real time and helps you to recruit the top talent around.


TribePad is Intuitive

TribePad helps the jobseeker experience by allowing them to upload a CV which will then automatically be parsed to create a digital profile giving them more time apply for your roles and engage with your company.

Our advanced systems understands that your ideal candidates are not always searching for a job.  To make sure that you and the talent have considered every opportunity, TribePad matches people to a role even if they haven’t recently been actively hunting and encourages them to become active within the social community.

To make sure the right people are looking for the right jobs, TribePad recommends your current positions to jobseekers – not only based on their own skills, but also the activity of other jobseekers with similar skill sets.


TribePad is Analytical

TribePad understands that one of the biggest challenges of any resourcing function is consolidating data and then making sense of it. With real-time analytical reporting, you can always stay ahead of the market, no matter where you are or what time of day. Know who’s looking, make sure they are the right candidates and how they are being directed to you.

Tribepad also knows that your jobseekers matter most. It can tell you instantly which channels are working and, more importantly, which ones are not.   Which then allows you to deal with the ineffective channel quickly.

TribePad knows that your next recruit really matters. It makes sure you always know where applicants are in the recruitment process, and that you never lose track of your best candidates.


TribePad is Social

TribePad understands that social relationships are vital in forming business connections.  It starts conversations across social spheres and allows you to invite those talking about the topics that matter to your business to come and explore opportunities and suggest roles which may fit their immediate or future requirements.

It knows that an engaging recruitment process leads to high quality candidates. You can connect with potential applicants via targeted community landing pages, groups, forums which can ignite interest in your roles and your employer brand, helping make the recruitment process interesting and engaging for both you and the potential talent. Give access to a knowledge library full of content about your employer brand and watch as future applicants develop into employees.

TribePad is the Future

TribePad knows that the world is on the move 24/7. TribePad is a web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is also available on your Android,  iPhone and BlackBerry and tablets meaning you’re never out of touch from your future employees.

With more businesses every day implementing direct sourcing strategies, the “classical” recruitment process is fading away. Tribepad was created with today and the future in mind – the talent is online, you should be too.


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