Matt Alder –

matalderMatt Alder is the founder of strategic consultancy MetaShift and has spent the last twelve years working within the Internet space. He became involved in online recruitment eleven years ago, spending seven years as Head of Interactive Media with TMP Worldwide followed by four years as Head of Digital at Penna Barkers.

During this time Matt has worked on digital recruitment and brand strategy for numerous clients across both the private and public sectors. He has lead teams that have devised some of the Europe’s biggest and most complex digital recruitment campaigns and helped pioneer the use of tracking tools for digital recruitment marketing in the UK.

Matt is passionate about innovation and has a strong interest in how the digital revolution is changing the way companies communicate. He has written and spoken extensively on the future of recruitment and is a highly respected blogger with an international audience. Matt is also an enthusiastic social media experimenter and a regular commentator on all aspects of the emerging field of “social recruiting”. He recently became the first person outside of North America to be named by John Sumser and as one of their global top 100 recruitment and HR influencers


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