Hiring Solved2



A better way to search

Go beyond traditional boolean skill searches. HiringSolved finds similar candidates automatically.

Search millions of candidates

Instantly search over 43,277,847 candidates. HiringSolved is revolutionary software designed to increase your productivity by constantly finding and filtering new candidates for you automatically. We’re constantly searching, constantly adding fresh candidates so you can find talent faster. Try searching!

Cost effective

HiringSolved combines all of the tools required to find and hire the candidates needed to make your business successful at a reasonable cost. Our data-driven recruiting tools save you time by automatically finding and summarizing skills in resumes, publishing jobs, finding similar candidates and more.

Source while you sleep

Great candidate profiles are posted online but the internet is a huge place. HiringSolved is constantly watching the social networks, blogs and forums, sniffing out clues to find both active and passive candidates wherever they are. The benefit to you is simple: new candidates every day.

Smarter Search

Did you know that Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, and Yellow Dog are all types of Linux? HiringSolved does. Related search-words are automatically displayed for any search you enter. This is just one way we make it easy to find and organize information by integrating context-aware search technology and making your information instantly accessible throughout the application.

Workflow That Works

Hiring can be complex. You need great workflow tools to make sure candidates don’t fall through the cracks. HiringSolved’s workflow tools include automatic tracking and control of Tasks and Team Notifications. It’s like having a personal assistant to remind you what you need to do next and communicate with your team to make sure everyone is in sync.

Insightful Analytics

Everything in HiringSolved is an “action”, from reviewing a resume, to calling a candidate, scheduling an interview, or transferring a task. This allows us to give you detailed insight into recruiting efforts via reporting tools powered by Google. Better yet, we go beyond reports to give you predictive analytics, showing the predicted number of interviews required to hire for each req in real-time.


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