SmartRecruiters2Free Recruiting Software Really?

Yes. SmartRecruiters does not charge for the use of its awesome recruiting software. There are no limitations or hidden costs. We only make money from the suppliers you use through us (e.g., LinkedIn, Careerbuilder…).

29,000+ businesses use SmartRecruiters !

UPDATE 20/12/12:

As recruiters know too well, good software engineers and designers are hard to find so SmartRecruiters teamed up with TalentBin to help you fill your reqs.

With the new service you have access to over 100M profiles, all with rich technical expertise. You can then build your own database of potential candidates in your SmartRecruiters account AND reach out to them via email, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Check out the demo:


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  1. New Years Day 2013: Update:

    In the last 12 months, the 27,000 customers of SmartRecruiters have created 124,000 jobs. I wanted to thank you personally for being part of that success.

    Now, that’s only the beginning. Our mission is simple. We just want to make your hiring super easy. That’s it. That’s all we focus on.

    Things we’ve cooked up for you in 2013 include:
    : A Recruiter Marketplace so you can manage all your agency recruiters from one place.
    : More Direct Sourcing capabilities, building on the launch of TalentBin, to help you source passive candidates.
    : The end of “post & pray” with Smarter Posting analytics so you KNOW which job board to use.
    : And an Assessment Center to help you make better hiring decisions.

    Best wishes for the New Year.

    Happy Hiring,

    Jerome Ternynck
    CEO – SmartRecruiters

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