Smart Recruit Online

This week I interviewed Mark Stephens, a partner at the F10 Group and the founder of Smart Recruit Online, the winner of last year’s Chambers of Commerce Innovation in Business award.

Although a business owner and entrepreneur, Mark is still a Recruitment Consultant in the truest sense of the word. He advises companies on how best to recruit. He is one of the few who are determined to drive change in the recruitment space rather than let change happen to him. His company are not just finding candidates for their clients in the traditional way but also help their clients keep hiring-competitive in the post social media / advanced technology age even if this sometimes means their client does not recruit the winning candidate through them.

Smart Recruit Online is a constantly evolving cloud-based recruitment system designed to enable employers to achieve the following from a single dashboard:

  1. Maximise candidate market reach,
  2. Optimise hiring manager time and
  3. Minimise hiring costs.

This is achieved by harnessing all possible recruitment channels suitable to a particular job, including: Job Boards, Social Media, Agencies and Databases and distributing your job vacancy to them at the single click of a mouse.

Once the response starts to flow, it is filtered by advanced parsing technology, which identifies the best candidates and ranks them for you within the user dashboard in order of most suitable first and it’s surprisingly accurate!  This means your hiring managers maximise their time by going straight to the best candidates first.

Starting at £295 +VAT per job credit, Smart Recruit Online wraps all your resourcing (Direct and Agency introduced), sifting and recording into a simple to use dashboard system, enabling you to find great candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Smart Recruit Online really does seem to have solved most of the biggest challenges facing in house recruiters today, by providing a multi-functional platform and a single dashboard that is already pre-loaded with state of the art software and is then integrated with other best of breed recruitment tools, such as their own job posting network of over 3500 job boards and social media sites, an agency selection and management service that is connected to a network of over 45,000 agency recruiters and a video interview tool.  I’m advised that the next release will contain even more toys!

Factor in, that you can customise your account to have jobs posted to your own choice of recipients such as your own website career page or your own social media channels and directly to your own recruitment agency network, allowing you to operate and manage almost all of your recruitment activity from just one place and then you start to get an idea of what this means to the in house recruiter in particular.

As far as the recruitment industry goes, this multi-functional recruitment suite of products really does represent a defining moment in the way that the industry is adapting to client demands and the technology that is being developed to satisfy it.


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